Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 How to Unlock Gold and Diamond Camo in Black Ops 2

Published on April 4th, 2013 | by The Doc

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Are you fed up with bland Black Ops Sniper camos?  Want a new bright and shiny Diamond camo to show off for those 360 no scope final kill cams? Well look no further as we are going to take you through a step-by-step guide of all the challenges you need to complete to get your Gold and Diamond camos.

250 One shot, One kill Medals

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is get 250 One Shot, One Kill Medals with each sniper. The list below explains how to get a kill with one shot from each gun:

SVU – Aim for the head

XPR50 & Ballista – Imagine your enemy is wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and aim to hit that or the head arm shots will not get you a one shot kill.

DSR50 – Anything above the groin area will get you a one shot kill.

These can be seen visually in the accompanying video.

If you are having trouble getting the one shot kills you can also try hardcore as every shot will get you a one shot kill, this especially useful for the SVU as it can take a lot of time to get done in core game types. Once you have got these completed, the rest of the challenges will unlock for you. You can do these in any order you want but we are going to show you the fastest way to go about it as a lot of your challenges will be completed already if you take this approach.


Get 50 kills with no perks and get 50 kills with no attachments

You can do these two challenges separately but why not kill two birds with one stone? So if the title isn’t explanatory enough we need to get these kills with no perks or any attachments on our primary weapon. We can use our points on the danger close wild card to give us more lethal equipment or the tactician wild card so that we can have more equipment to help. Overkill is also useful to make use of a riot shield to use for portable cover. Keep a decent secondary weapon on hand in case you get caught in a close quarters situation.


Get 10 Bloodthirsty Medals

A bloodthirsty medal is awarded after getting 5 kills in one life. You need to need to get all of them with your sniper rifle. If you get a kill with another weapon or some lethal equipment you will have to get an extra kill with your sniper. If you are struggling to get these I recommend using flak jacket and tactical mask to give you more protection. Make use of shock charges, bouncing bettys or claymores to cover your rear and to prevent enemies from flanking you. I would recommend playing Demolition or Domination and posting up over a long sight line to pick people off over a distance. If things get too hectic don’t be afraid to fall back and find a new area to snipe from.


5 Double Kill Medals & 10 Long Shot Medals

Most likely these will be completed by the time you have your Bloodthirsty Medals, but in case you don’t for the double kills you will need to get 2 kills in quick succession. If you’re having trouble getting these you may have to get up off your sniper perch and get into the action. Try equiping an ACOG sight and take the fight up close. For the Long Shot Medals you may have to move back further. The distance is about the length of the main centre street in Standoff. This is hard to explain in words but the range is shown visually in the accompanying video if you’re not sure of the distance you need to be shooting from.


So there you have it. Your brand new Golden Camo as well as all the other camos you picked up on the way. In order to get the Diamond Camo, you will need to get Gold for all the other Snipers and you will truly be the envy of all the lobby.

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