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Best Camper in the World – The Worm

“F*cking camper!” Can you count the times you’ve shouted that at your enemy?

If there is anyone deserving of the title “Best Camper in the World”, it would most probably BlackxWorm, or “The Worm” as ThunderS7ruck likes to call him. After watching the video you will understand why he deserves that title.

The Worm, a 24-year-old from Maine according to ThunderS7ruck, takes camping to a whole new level and brings it to a point where he “completely broke the game” as ThunderS7ruck calls it. Here are some other hilarious quotes from ThunderS7ruck:

  • The Worm is getting ready to get his worm on
  • This guy is literary the godfather of camping
  • He’s getting his worm on, he’s doing the worm squirm on these “people”
  • This dude is ready for a Zombie apocalypse in here

To camp like a champ the Worm, you will need the following:

  • Trophy System
  • Claymore
  • Guardian
  • Sentry Turret
  • Assault Shield
  • Scavenger (this is essential!)

Kidding aside, I’m not here to tell you how you should or shouldn’t play. It’s just that you don’t come across a camper of this caliber every day and people should be aware of the Worm’s camping skills. I hope this video brings a smile on your face and not a frown on your forehead.

How often do you come across “serious” campers?

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