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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by The_Mack_Attack3

The 10 Best Guns In Black Ops 2

The 10 best guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. We asked, you answered.

If you stay in touch with the social media side of our website, you would’ve seen a status we posted on both our Facebook and Google+ page recently, asking you guys to pick your favorite weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This ranged from any weapon within the popular and delightfully gory Zombies mode to the fast-paced Multiplayer mode, with a considerable amount of you stepping up and telling us your favorite.

When such information is bestowed upon you, the only thing to do is take action, that’s right soldiers, its list time! If you would please divert your eyes to the area below, you can check out your handy work, with the top 10 most favorite guns picked by you the community! Because without you these guns would just gather dust!

#10 Type 25

  • Percentage of Vote – 3.75%
  • Class – Assault Rifle
  • Level Unlock – Level 4
  • Info – Not to be mistaken for the Type 95 seen in Modern Warfare 3, the Type 25 is an automatic Assault rifle with fast fire-rate and particularly low recoil. With the gun going bang-bang faster than the others it lacks damage and has a small clip size, but is rather handy in a close quarter situation, perfect for a run and gun minded player.

#9 Vector

  • Percentage of Vote – 3.75%
  • Class – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Level Unlock – Level 16
  • Info – The Vector has featured a lot in Call of Duty games, becoming somewhat of a veteran amongst gamers. It’s nostalgic value alone doesn’t justify its popularity however, the gun has a serious fire-rate and controllable recoil, with the slight difference in Black Ops 2 being it carries 36-rounds rather than the previous 30. The only downfall to the gun is its ineffectiveness at long-range, but up close it’s as crazy as Charlie Manson at a circus.

#8 Skorpion EVO

  • Percentage of Vote – 6.03%
  • Class – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Level Unlock – Level 46
  • Info – Another Sub-Machine gun for the list and trust me, not the last. The Skorpion Evo makes its Call of Duty debut in Black Ops 2, bringing a very fast rate of fire, hard to handle recoil and rather low magazine size. Its popularity with gamers is mainly due to its efficient damage output and when used with the right attachments a very formidable weapon. My suggestion would be to use Extended Clip and Fast Mag together and watch the XP flow in!

#7 AN-94

  • Percentage of Vote – 6.19%
  • Class – Assault Rifle
  • Level Unlock – Level 55
  • Info – The AN-94 is the last Assault rifle you unlock in Black Ops 2 and is well worth the wait. Its power is not to be under-estimated when you’re facing the gun at medium or long-range. The gun  doesn’t take many bullets to hack opponents down and is even more dangerous with the select-fire attachment equipped. I can see why fans have come to like the rifle, it’s the AK47’s not that popular high-school friend.


  • Percentage of Vote – 6.51%
  • Class – Assault Rifle
  • Level Unlock – Level 22
  • Info – Amazingly the FAL is one gun I never expected to see in a top 10 list, but it seems to be rather popular with gamers in Black Ops 2. The single fire Assault Rifle only takes 2 medium range shots to take out an opponent, which isn’t bad if you have a fast trigger finger. For those who don’t the gun can be a nightmare, so I suggest throwing a ACOG scope on the bad boy and keep your distance.

#5 M27

  • Percentage of Votes – 6.68%
  • Class – Assault Rifle
  • Level Unlock – Level 31
  • Info – The M27 may look extremely powerful to the eye but actually has a smaller damage output than most of the other Assault Rifles. The gun’s main feature is its accuracy at both medium and long-range – really punishing those snipers who pop out to pop you – and its low recoil, making you think there is a bipod attached somewhere you can see. Many have also praised its easy targeting with the default Iron Sight, which you don’t see often.

#4 DSR 50

  • Percentage of Votes – 6.84%
  • Class – Sniper Rifle
  • Level Unlock – Level 4
  • Staff Pick – The_Mack_Attack3
  • Info – Considering how quickscoping runs rife within the Call of Duty community, the inclusion of only one Sniper Rifle on the list comes as a surprise. It is however the best Rifle for the job, cruising with a bolt-action mechanic and one-shot kill from the waist up. It’s always important to note that the Ballistics CPU is a must, as it reduces the ridiculous sway the gun has, making it hella more easy to use!

#3 MP7

  • Percentage of Votes – 8.79%
  • Class – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Level Unlock – Level 4
  • Staff Pick – CodCom
  • Info – Coming in at third place is the MP7, a slick-looking ball of fury that holds a slight resemblance to the famous Uzi. It’s low recoil and fast fire-rate make up close meetings a one way battle, unless you come up against another MP7 of course. It doesn’t pack that much of a punch compared to other in its class, but makes up for that with a 40-round magazine size.


  • Percentage of Votes – 10.26%
  • Class – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Level Unlock – Level 28
  • Info – A great debut in Black Ops 2 for the Sub-Machine Gun. The MSMC doesn’t waste time showing who’s boss, with it packing the best close-range damage output of all the guns in its class. It also handles itself very nicely when equipped with a suppressor, keeping you in the shadows while you decimate the other team. It does however have a sluggish reload time, but with Fast Mag thrown in you won’t even notice.

#1 PDW-57

  • Percentage of Vote – 11.24%
  • Class – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Level Unlock – Level 4
  • Info – Drum roll please … The winner we all saw coming, if you haven’t come in contact with this gun in Multiplayer then you must be playing Halo or something. Now classified as the Noob gun, the PDW-57 is so shockingly efficient that a patch needed to be released to nerf it slightly, but still it holds a foothold over the rest. At close range the gun only takes 3 bullets to down an enemy and is only strengthened with low recoil. There really is no downside to using this gun and with it being unlocked as such a low-level, it’s a great gun to get to the mid twenties quick.

So there you have it, the community’s top 10 most picked guns in Black Ops 2! I personally think the Tomahawk should have had a say… Make sure to let us know in the comment section below what weapon you think should have made the list and check out our Facebook and Google+ page for more Call of Duty madness.

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