The website is all about bringing you the latest news about the Call of Duty franchise. This includes the previous, current and future Call of Duty titles, the developers of the game and everything else you can think of.
On the blog side of the website, you can read the latest news and engage with us and the rest of the community by commenting on our articles. If you’ve got opinions of your own or you just want to chat / discuss with like minded gamers, you can do that on our Call of Duty forum.

The Call of Duty Community is a team of gamers. Most of the team has been playing since we can remember. We have been playing Call of Duty – in varied aspects of its franchises, for the past few years. The team has writers in its ranks that can sniff out the latest news, tips and whatnot about Call of Duty. Always willing to play with anyone as long as they know how to have a good time. Whether you want to be active or passive, the Call of Duty Community is a good place for both.

If you like any of the articles written on the website, please feel free to share, like, tweet and +1 them. It will help the community grow and more like-minded gamers will come together, forming the community we, and hopefully you to, want.

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